Friday, September 14, 2012

Conformity and random stuff


noun, plural con·form·i·ties.
action in accord with prevailing social standards, attitudes,practices, etc.
Is that what apple users are brainwashed to do? Or could it be because of the enormous amount of money people have invested in the iTunes apps store that stops them from changing their ways?

It's not that Apple doesn't innovate, but it's disturbing how people turn a blind eye to the rest of mobile technology advancement and claim that Apple has the best products and is the best there is out there.

"Innovate" in itself means two things; First either you invented something new OR make changes in anything already established.

So Apple itself is wrong when they claim that Samsung doesn't innovate but copies. Copying while altering is a form of innovation. Not all of Apple's designs are genuinely new, some of them were inspired from the company Braun. So while Samsung was found guilty of copying Apple, it was wrong to say that they didn't innovate. The future of mobile phones as we know it has changed because of the way companies have seen what works and what doesn't. Yes Apple was the first to become successful at producing these kind of smartphones, but lets face reality here, just because you are the first at something it doesn't mean that you'll be the only one to succeed at it.

Apple was successful with their first lines of iPhones, but their latest entry (iPhone 5) is really not what you would call a game changer.

None the less, people who are used to something always find it hard to change to something new and will always argue that the old school is the best school. Hence why the Apple iFans will ALWAYS bash anything non-Apple related, regardless if it's superior or not.

I'll say one thing though, even if I sometimes shake my head at how stubborn a fan is, I still admire Apple for their minimalist designs and sometimes wish some of my technological belongings were as well designed as Apple's.

I may have strayed from what I started this post with but this is just to condition myself to re-start writing.

I apologize to whomever my fall on this mind diarrhea.

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  1. Wow, how far I am from my Xanga blogging days... I didn't know you could lose vocabulary and writing skills when you stop, I am paying dearly for those 6 years of hiatus...